Dan Neville

Vibraphonist & Composer - Upcoming Performance November 23rd - SFJAZZ

 I am honored to have been a part of this beautiful project. Here is a memo to those who were present during the fundraiser:

Thank you so much for you support! With this you are helping maintain this cultural heritage for future generations and are providing opportunities to 68 children of the community. They rehearse every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in Doña Marina´s house, the one who is in charge of teaching them music and traditional dances.

Music in these communities does more than make them happy; it is a means of escape from reality and a the way to create more opportunities for their future. Though constistency and discipline they can achieve big dreams and also can start writing a different history for their community, which has a history of violence and struggle.

It takes a commitment from everybody to conserve and promote our cultural heritage responsibly. It is an important part of what makes our country so diverse and special. Thank you so much for being part of #MarimbasParaJuanchaco

-Dami Molina