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La Voz Del Mar: CD
  • La Voz Del Mar: CD
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Xiomara (See-o-mar-a) grew up with the sound of the marimba de chonta in her native Guapi, Colombia. Her aunts would sing, conjuring the sound of water flowing along the Guapi River. Like all elements in Colombia’s Pacific Coast music, their sound drew essence from the nature surrounding them: lush rainforests touching the ocean, mangroves bowing over banks of rivers connecting pueblos, the sway of waves and tides. Xiomara’s dynamic voice embodies the legacy of her profound Pacific Coast tradition. Her relatives include the legendary Familia Torres, including José Antonio “Gualajo” Torres, Pacho Torres, and Genaro Torres, some of the most iconic folkloric musicians of the region. This album is a testament to music’s power to transcend borders and draw societies together. It is a heartfelt dedication to our maestro, our Tío, our brother Diego Obregón.

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