1. Sanguinaria

Xiomara Torres: Vocals & Guasá
Dan Neville: Marimba & Composition
Diego Obregón: Percussion (Bombo
2 &

Adrian Areas: Quinto
Rebecca Kleinmann: Flute
Javier Santiago: Piano
Daniela Vergara: Bass
Ben Lindenburg: Saxophones
“Sanguinaria” came from the pen of Dan
Neville while he was sheltering in place in
Cali, Colombia during the 2020 pandemic.
Piedra de sanguinaria, or bloodstone, is
known as a healing gem for the vital organs.
“Sanguinaria” serves as a musical remedy
for all of those healing from any illness or
trauma, and is dedicated to the maestro
Diego Obregón (Oh-Bray-GÓN).
“Sanguinaria” features Obregón on
percussion, and is the only original
composition that Dan recorded with the
marimba master from Guapi, Colombia. It
also marked the first time that Dan and
Xiomara (See-o-mar-a) Torres would
collaborate, initiating a fruitful relationship
that led to the release of La Voz Del Mar
(Patois) in July 2022, which is considered a
“...scintillating work...” by Downbeat.
“Sanguinaria” features a brilliant improvised
solo by Javier Santiago.